Winners of the Best Restaurant in a Club/Pub/Tavern at the 2016 Savour Australia Restaurant and Catering Awards for Excellence. The Queen’s Head Hotel is not the oldest hotel in South Australia but it is the oldest licensed venue in an original building. Historically the Queen’s Head Hotel is significant as it is associated with the first part of North Adelaide’s settlement and became and important venue for public meetings.

First opening in 1838 (licensed on the 17th of July 1838) by Giles Abbott Senior and Henry Grigg Hewitt. In 1839 Giles Abbott Seniors son Giles Abbott became the publican of the Queen’s Head Hotel. He had travelled out to Australia on board the ship “buffalo” with the first governor of South Australia. Charles Hindmarsh.

The Queen’s Head Hotel has had several alterations to the exterior over the years. The facade that you see today is that of the rebuilding of 1881, essentially the front two rooms. The simplistic design and detailing was by R.B. Lucas.

Internally the Queen’s Head Hotel has been continually updated since the original opening in 1838 to suit the requirement of each time period.

In 1935 the publican applied to be permitted to relocate the Queen’s Head license to new premises at Prospect. The application was refused on the 23rd of July 1935.

The Queen’s Head was recommended for state heritage listing in 1982.