Holy Moly Artists presents Space Carbonara to celebrate the soon to be released DOLPHIN MAN RETURNS ���������� For the first time ever you will be able to catch this psych filled fuzz filled lineup in Adelaide

Supported by: DRAINING + Oliver Miller


Hailing from a quiet and small-town suburb in NSW’s Central Coast, David Cunningham has been an avid bedroom writer and producer, recording anything he could write from laid-back, 60s low-fi pop, to full-on fuzz laced psych jams. 2016 saw the birth of the first mixtape Cunningham had been working on under his main project ‘Space Carbonara’, aptly named ‘The Space Tape’. A low-fi, jangle and modulation drenched psych tape, nostalgic yet still unique.

Since then; Cunningham, his writing and the live band consisting of Sean Dwyer, and Sydney boys Charlie Band and Steve Summerlin, have all had a rapid and upfront evolution. Although Cunningham is the brain behind Space Carbonara and does the majority of songwriting, the Carbonara have mutated into a full-formed, fuzz pedal wielding organism, all feeding and communicating off each other and moving as one.
For the first time, the band entered the studio together with Jacob Daalmeyer to live track the first official full-length album, completely live tracked in 2 days in Sydneys A-Sharp Studios. The result is that of a familiar Space Carbonara vibe, but heavily altered with fantastic fuzz bass roars, compressed and broken-up drums, guitars working in unison, spewing bizarre chromatic riffs. All loud, big and wonderfully strange.

Space Carbonara have released Sticky Baby already, Floating Dagger and will be releasing Eat your Brains for Lunch this coming Friday via Pilerats ahead of there Album release later this in the year. This will be their first lap around Australian cities bringing 19-year-old psych indie artist Carl Renshaw with them for all the shows with the exception of Perth.


‘Dolphin Man Returns’, the first LP from Space Carbonara will be out everywhere and pressed to color-vinyl on a limited run. Digital Release will be available from December 26th to cope with your post-pagan festival hangovers.


Exeter Hotel